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Core principles of Objective and Key Results on one page
OKR is a strategic execution framework that empowers organizations and teams with flexibility, adaptability, which means agility, focus, and alignment to drive progress toward clear and ambitious objectives and key results.

It is also a continuous discipline and communication culture that encourages employees to be actively involved in setting goals, measuring progress, celebrating success and learning from lessons.
Objectives and key results are the two main components of the OKR system.

We can use this geometric metaphor to describe OKR.
Objective is a target we want to hit.
And key results are coordinate axes that measure our movement towards the target

What we offer
Online or on-site training and workshop
This is a corporate training that we can conduct online or face-to-face.
Usually we start with the training of the management team (up to 20 people), but it is also possible to train other teams. The condition is that the participants will work on their common goals, because we are transferring the technology of team goal setting.
Retrospective and planning are the most important activities in the OKR system, which are carried out before the start of each new OKR setting period.
Typically, up to 20 people participate in a session. Depending on the level, this is a management team (C-1), or a unit team (leader and key employees, or the whole team)
To get acquainted with the system and me as a facilitator and trainer, come to meetups.
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There are various meeting formats in the group: workshops, master classes, question-and-answer sessions, conversations, games, training courses and conferences.
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Who can find useful activities and information here:
  • OKR Practitioners who want to improve their understanding of OKR and share their experiences with colleagues. 
  • OKR Coaches who are looking for answers to tough questions and want to practice facilitation.
  • OKR Beginners who are just getting to know OKR.
OKR: How to Support a Team in Setting Clear and Ambitious Goals?
At the workshop, the OKR Academy coaches will share how they usually facilitate OKR planning sessions with teams.
We will guide the participants through the essential steps of the planning, paying attention to the important points concerning both OKR and the facilitation of teamwork.
OKR Essentials: A Quick Guide
Natalia Gulchevskaya (Netherlands), Ekaterina Filippova (Latvia), Marija Statkus (Lithuania)
Are you new to OKR (Objectives and Key Results) or have you heard about it but want to unlock its full potential for your company? Maybe you're already using OKRs in your organization but seek to align and systematize your understanding of this powerful system. If any of these describe you, then this Webinar is the perfect opportunity to take your OKR journey to the next level!
“OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is one of the best practices in global management, allowing all teams in a company to move towards clear and ambitious goals in a focused, coordinated, and agile way.
Natalia Gulchevskaya
Founder on OKR Academy International and OKR Studio (Netherlands)

  • PhD in Educational Psychology,
  • Certified coach PCC ICF, Systemic team coach by GTCI
  • OKR Certified professional by OKR Academy, CertiProf
  •  iCAgile Certified Professional - ATF, ACC, CAT
  • TBR-Virtual Edition (TBR-VE) Certified Trainer
With my business-partner Irina Sukmanuk we have ran OKR Academy, supporting organizational development through the implementation of the OKR process.
We have been deeply involved in supporting the implementation of OKR since 2016.
Key employees from more than 100 companies have been trained at OKR Academy.
In more than 60 companies we have trained and supported implementation at the company and team level
All our training programs are developed according to the modern TBR methodology
My partners
I also can invite my colleagues to deliver an OKR training and coaching support
  • Irina Sukmanuk
    Agile&OKR coach
    Co-founder on OKR Academy
    Co-author of OKR training programs
    Language: Russian
  • Ekaterina Filippova
    OKR coach
    Professional facilitator

    Languages: English, Russian
  • Marija Statkus
    OKR Coach | Assistant Executive Director
    Language: Lithuanian, English, Russian
  • Ekaterina Chueva
    Agile & OKR coach,
    Kanban expert

    Language: Russian
International companies, where I delivered the training and helped to implement OKRs
Finom, Finance, the Netherlands + Cyprus
OKR Implementation training (1,5 days onsite), OKR Retrospective and Planning sessions (onsite), support
inDrive (inDriver), Service, International
OKR Implementation training (16 hours online), Internal training for OKR champions (online), support
MIDA, Manufacturing, Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
OKR Implementation training (2 days onsite), OKR Retrospective and planning session (1 day onsite), OKR coach education and support (online)
CDEK, Logistic, CIS + International
OKR Implementation training, Internal training for OKR champions (online), OKR audit, OKR Retrospective and Planning sessions (onsite), support
Muller-BBM holding, Germany
OKR Introduction workshop for Board of Directors (1 day onsite)
Muller-BBM VibroAkustik Systeme, Germany
OKR kick-off workshop for the Transformation team (1 day onsite)
OKR Implementation workshop (1 day onsite)
Coverdale India, Consulting, India
OKR Introduction workshop (4 hours online), consulting
Eqvanta, Finance, Russia + International
OKR Implementation training (16 hours online), support
EffectiveSoft, IT, International
OKR Implementation training (16 hours online), support
SMARTy Pay, Finance, Dubai + International
OKR Implementation training (8 hours online), support
Kontur, IT, Russia + International
OKR trainings for some teams, OKR audit (online)
AdTech, Marketing, International
OKR Introduction workshop (8 hours online) for different teams
Green Cosmetics (brands: EOLAB, Cafemimi, ECOLATIER, SPA-STA), Manufacturing, Baltic
OKR Implementation training (16 hours online), support
TUI, Tourism, Russian chapter
Strategic session, based on ExO and OKRs (onsite)
OTTO, Sales, Russian chapter
OKR Implementation training (16 hours online), support