OKR Test-Drive online workshop

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a clear framework, allowing all teams in a company to move towards clear and ambitious goals in a focused, coordinated, and agile way.

However, the system seems simple but not easy to implement, and the many conflicting articles are misleading. Attempts to implement by following popular books often fail.

The best way to learn OKR

is to do OKR!

Benefits of Test-drive
Before investing in expensive training and implementing changes in your company, you can take a test drive on a simplified business case.
Holistic Insight
Comprehensive understanding of the system and its relevance to the company
Quick start
In 2-4 hours, compactly live the main and most important process of setting goals.
Hands-On Learning
Gain hands-on experience with OKR setting and examples to draw on when applying to your company or team.
At the workshop, the OKR Academy coaches will share how they usually facilitate OKR planning sessions with teams.
We will guide the participants through the essential steps of the planning, paying attention to the important points concerning both OKR and the facilitation of teamwork.


Introduction - overview of what OKR is, why it is trending now.
Building the teams, and presenting the situational problem case to solve.
Brainstorming in teams about goals.
RUN or CHANGE? How to choose 2-3 critical important goals?
Practice formulating Objectives and Key Results.
2-4 hours
up to 20 people
ZOOM with breakout rooms, Miro board