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Why is OKR Simulator Essential?
In the journey of implementing OKR (Objectives and Key Results) in your company, it's crucial to understand that reading about OKR is just the start. Effective implementation requires proper training and tuning.
OKR Simulator is your gateway to transforming understanding into action, making the complex process of OKR implementation straightforward and engaging.

Natalia Gulchevskaya
OKR Academy International
In my role of facilitating OKR (Objectives and Key Results) implementation within organizations, I often encounter a common scenario. Many companies, having been introduced to OKR through books or online articles, hand over these resources to their employees, assuming that's sufficient for successful implementation. However, they quickly realize that the apparent simplicity of OKR is misleading, and simply reading about it doesn't translate into effective execution.

OKR is more than a concept; it's a system that requires careful instruction and fine-tuning to thrive. My approach, refined over 7 years of implementing OKR in a diverse range of companies and industries, follows a strategic path:
  1. Assessment and Introduction: Initially, I work with companies to determine their need for OKR and their readiness for its implementation. This phase includes providing a readiness checklist and introducing decision-makers to the OKR system in a concise manner.
  2. Management Team Training: The next step involves an in-depth training session for the management team, where we set real OKRs at either the first or second level. This training is immersive and comprehensive, typically spanning two full days (16 hours) to ensure a deep understanding and practical application.
  3. Ongoing Support and Practice: Following the training, I offer support throughout the first quarter. This includes setting up a regular practice of progress meetings, essential for maintaining momentum and ensuring the effective application of OKRs, and other meetings. For more details, refer to my article about OKR Calendar: Key Events and Timelines
Enhancing this comprehensive OKR implementation process, I've discovered a game-changing tool that significantly boosts its effectiveness: the OKR Simulator, created by Vladimir Kalmykov, Lead Technical PM at Booking.com, Amsterdam. This tool is especially beneficial in situations where managers face the challenge of explaining OKR to their teams. The Simulator offers a solution to this hurdle through its engaging and interactive format.

Why the OKR Simulator is a Game Changer:
  • Pre-Training Preparation: The process of OKR implementation becomes much more productive when participants have prior exposure to OKR concepts. Reading and watching content is good, but actively engaging with these concepts is better. The Simulator provides an opportunity for participants to try out OKR principles in a simulated environment before attending the training sessions.
  • Engaging and Interactive Learning: The Simulator introduces OKR to employees in a manner that is both enjoyable and hands-on, making the learning process not just informative but also fun.
  • Flexible and Comprehensive Course Structure: The full course of the Simulator is divided into several blocks, logically progressing from specific daily product practices to OKRs and vision. This modular structure allows users the flexibility to navigate through the content in any sequence. Importantly, the dedicated OKR block, lasting 90 minutes, is a standalone module that provides comprehensive insights into OKR, beneficial for everyone - from product teams to managers and other team members.

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