OKR Implementation
OKR Status Cards
Excited to Introduce Our OKR Status Cards!
These fun and creative cards are designed to brighten your workspace and communicate your work status in a unique way. Perfect for agile teams and anyone using Objectives and Key Results (OKR)!

How It Works:
  • Choose a Card: Start your day or mark a status change by selecting a card that reflects your current activity or mood.
  • Display It Prominently: Place it where your team can see it - on your desk, or attached to your monitor.
  • Change as Needed: Update your card to match your changing tasks or moods.
  • Enhances team communication without interruptions.
  • Adds a touch of fun to your workday.
  • Helps maintain focus by clearly displaying your current work status.
Looking forward to seeing how these cards add a splash of color and efficiency to your work routine!